Work In Partnership

Unitas Youth Zone is a resource for all the young people of Barnet and surrounding boroughs to maximise the opportunities available to them. As such, we will always be open to partnership work with local agencies.

We would love you to find out more about us, by either getting in touch or visiting the Youth Zone. We welcome any suggestions to work in partnership with local organisations and the opportunity to discuss these further. Below are some examples of how we can work in partnership with local agencies as our other Youth Zones do:

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London Onside Youth

Working with the Council to transport young people to the Youth Zone

Outreach team: A minibus and outreach team can be provided by the Youth Zone to support and engage young people from across Barnet, including supporting and enabling them to attend to the Youth Zone.

Sharing and publicising information on transport: Utilising social media to share information on transport with young people by social media, by making bus timetables available in the Youth Zone, publicising that there will be a drop off point at the Youth Zone.

Use of bicycles: We will offer cycling and safety awareness training to young people, staggered leaving/closing times to avoid mass exit, working with schools to access volunteer drivers and minibuses and traffic calming near the site.

Suggested possible actions going forward:

  • Develop links with local police and PSCO’s to ensure a strong future working relationship
  • Develop links with local transport providers including Centro to look at solution
  • To look into how young people currently access the town

Outreach from the Youth Zone

  • Wigan Youth Zone has developed a partnership with Brook (young people’s sexual health service) to support to the young people of Wigan from within the Youth Zone.
  • In Mahdlo (Oldham Youth Zone) the local boxing club help run the boxing gym in the Youth Zone providing sessions, as well as using the facility as a place to recruit new members to join their boxing club.
  • Manchester Connexions co-delivers a service for young parents from within The Factory (Manchester) Youth Zone, providing life skills, advice and employability support.

We’re always looking for more great ideas from our stakeholders, so of you have any additional comments or suggestions or just want to find out more about Youth Zone project please get in touch with

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Delivering in partnership and supporting Youth Zones

Working in partnership: Develop and support youth work in Barnet by mapping all provision including specialist services such as those delivering employability, exploring joint opportunities for funding, training and volunteer recruitment.

Developing a culture of partnership: Make sure small groups are supported to access funding, joint planning for effective and complementary work and link with existing groups to access the Youth Zone and make use of its facilities. Develop information sharing and communication sharing systems to support this the creation of this culture.

Suggested possible actions going forward:

  • Volunteering, build the capacity of volunteering within Barnet through coordinated communication and recruitment.
  • Support a joint working ethos in Barnet to develop and support youth work in the borough.
  • Support co-production and joint funding opportunities
  • Host an ‘aspiration themed’ event in the Youth Zone to support the development, progression and aspiration of Barnet’s young people.